Friday, August 20, 2010

All your secret wishes could right now be coming true.

Summer's gone. It struggled here in our fair city...but I think it truly crapped out and abandoned us for warmer waters today. There's something about a change of can feel it in your bones, coming about a mile off. Not that I mind, autumn and winter are pretty much my favourite time of year (the weather, my birthday...the clothes!!)

My point in discussing the change of season is that many a nostalgic note has been dragged up in my mind these past weeks, that are related to the time of year. Ever find yourself missing and reminiscing but you're not really sure why? Something you thought was dead and gone, well it keeps cropping back up when you least expect it, slinking like a cat on a garden wall, sliding in the window and curling up for sleep before you even realise it's on your pillow...yeah well, whatever, that's been happening to me. Lately I've been finding myself remembering and missing things that I thought I'd long since lost all feeling for. All good feeling at least.

With all this change I feel like I should finally be content, putting it all to bed, relaxing in myself and just growing up. But old habits die hard I guess. Maybe I'm just suffering a severe bout of culture shock.

Whatever it is, it'd wanna shift it's ass...pronto.