Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's just a memory I can't love completely.

Funny how times goes, isn't it? Just this time last year I was living it up in Boston, wondering about the state of my life to be and now I'm back in the same place, living it down in Dublin. Although my life has taken a nice pattern so far, I just wish I had more excitement. Although maybe all this dreary drab is preparing me for a whirlwind two years to come (two MAs and another international move...)

Although I'm bored, I'm content, very deep down. As a person, I'm someone who likes to be always on the go, always all the time. But in comparison to how my life used to be, I'm happy. I'll accept this change of pace with open arms. I like to look back on memories and the way my life used to be and smile, but sometimes, with some things, it's just impossible to do so. It's impossible to say "You know, it was great I went through that...because look at me now!" I feel that way, but a lot of the time I just start to think "Yeah, that was great, I've got some life experience and all, learned a lot....but give me a fucking break!" I need a break. It's been almost 22 years of hazy days and only living to survive.

I'm ready to start living now.

Sunshine, Milkshakes and Tea.

Strawberries, laughing, tickles and company. Polka dots, vodka shots, ice cream and ribbons. Hair bands, chiffon, custard tarts and mending hearts. Riding a bike, salty chips at the beach, sending postcards and grazed knees. Chiffon, silk, pastels and water coloured clothes. Laughing so hard that milk comes out your nose (so you laugh even harder). Handwritten notes, school uniforms, lace, bows and ties. Newspaper cuttings, old books, libraries and earl grey tea. Vogue, Harper’s, Elle and Nylon. Nights out, high heels, red lipstick, friends and meals. Coffee, caffeine, chocolate and cake. Glitter, lace, leopard print, saving face. Books, BlackBerries, shopping trips and music. Rain clouds, messy nights, sugar highs and shocking heights. Hazy days, lie ins, retail jobs and something that's just a phase.

My summer, mostly, so far. Going well I do believe.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't want to be crippled-cracked. Shoulders, wrists, knees and back.

Back on the blogging scene with a bang! Expect another post later on detailing why I've been MIA.

However, while traipsing through the blog atmosphere, I stumbled across these little crackers from Akaya Nishi on notjustalabel.com. I'd love to get my hands on that ribcage necklace. Inspiration for my AW10 wardrobe!