Monday, March 29, 2010

Nauseous Capsules

I was just alerted to the presence of these little toxins via Cash Moni. I think I'm in love! These little babies are from Cast of Vices: "Born from a desire to create artifacts out of our vices, Cast of Vices celebrates the inherent design aesthetic of these substances while at the same time casting a critical eye on pop culture and our obsession with self-medication and addiction."

No prices unfortunately, just a little price on request bit. We all know that's never good for the wallet.

UPDATE: Cast of Vices can be bought online here. Prices range from $125-295. Unless you want the charm bracelet...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playing with polaroids.

(Scarves by Phillipe Roucou)

I was just alerted to the presence of these amazing scarves via Daydream Lily. I'm particularly lusting after that aerial view city-scape scarf. The colours are luscious and would look great bunched up and worn long around the neck. They're a bit on the pricey side. Roughly €330. A girl can dream right? Sticking this on my wishlist with those Miu Miu mary janes from my previous post. Let's hope the scarves don't sell out like the shoes did though. Now that would be a travesty! The scarves can be found at Reborn.

Dressed Up Dreams

(Photos: Miu Miu website)

Miu Miu SS10 is my dream dress up scenario. If only my mother's closet was stocked to the brim with such jewels. With it's gorgeous spring time colours, quintessentially girlie prints and Marie Antoinette-esque jewelled detailing the collection has nailed dainty dressing down to a fine art. I especially love those swallow print mary-jane's. I think I could do my most fierce runway walk out of my closet in those bad boys.