Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunshine, Milkshakes and Tea.

Strawberries, laughing, tickles and company. Polka dots, vodka shots, ice cream and ribbons. Hair bands, chiffon, custard tarts and mending hearts. Riding a bike, salty chips at the beach, sending postcards and grazed knees. Chiffon, silk, pastels and water coloured clothes. Laughing so hard that milk comes out your nose (so you laugh even harder). Handwritten notes, school uniforms, lace, bows and ties. Newspaper cuttings, old books, libraries and earl grey tea. Vogue, Harper’s, Elle and Nylon. Nights out, high heels, red lipstick, friends and meals. Coffee, caffeine, chocolate and cake. Glitter, lace, leopard print, saving face. Books, BlackBerries, shopping trips and music. Rain clouds, messy nights, sugar highs and shocking heights. Hazy days, lie ins, retail jobs and something that's just a phase.

My summer, mostly, so far. Going well I do believe.